Zhu Xun foreign exchange programmed trading in the grid magic man

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self-created a variety of rebate hot forex patterns, so that a Hong Kong-funded f cashback forexancial company Junya fame Zhu Xun, in foreign exchange trading th xmforexbroker road has gone through ten years attracted by the ups xmrebatesbroker downs of the foreign exchange market, he had intra-day trading as the main direction, according to the technical indicators in the 5-minute and 15-minute cycle chart changes in and out, every day is busy spending but in the busy hundreds of strokes Short-term trading, he found that he is actually working for the foreign exchange traders, he seems to be with a very little to reveal the flawed seasoned boxer to fight, sometimes can get the advantage, but over time, the market still steadily prevailed despite the consumption of a lot of energy in watching the analysis, but the effect is far less than expected, especially when the personal state is not ideal is repeatedly lost inexplicably many times to calm down, he was I feel that intraday trading is a complex battle with the dynamics of the currency market, the vast majority of individual investors have no chance of winning," Zhu Xun said in an exclusive interview with Eastern Fortune recently. After that, he finally came to his senses and developed his own four categories of automatic trading system (EA, ExpertAdvisor) to solve the dilemma "as early as 2012 I began to study the design of foreign exchange EA using computers, I remember that only about 10% of foreign exchange trading using EA at that time, but now the time has changed, EA has become the absolute spindle of my trading, about 99% of the trading process is done automatically through EA, only 1% of the transactions rely on manual operation and intervention I think EA trading is the trend, at least in the current trading environment in North America is so "Zhu Xun believe that, with the continuous improvement of the system, even hundreds of millions of dollars, you can also find the safety of the principal and stable profits of the haven of more than ten kinds of self-created Automatic trading system Zhu Xun revealed that he is currently used to trade a total of more than ten EA system, "divided into four categories, including trend trading, grid trading, scalp trading and breakthrough trading four" to trend trading, for example, it generally refers to the medium-term 1-hour and 4-hour level trading cycle, a wave of the market is generally more than 100 points The system is a reference to the grid trading method and casino baccarat continuous code strategy, that is, betting on the size of the continuous bet small (or large), lose once on the code and bet again, as long as the amount of money is large enough, there will be a profit in the end The purpose of this trading system is to completely abandon the human subjective thinking factor, purely mechanical operation, filtering all the market disorderly fluctuation factors, even if you start to see the wrong direction to buy in the top, but Theoretically there is still the possibility of a final flip" he said with his many years of experience in forex trading and cooperation in the computer aspects of cloud computing companies such as Huxun Luo, Ali cloud, he started from many places to modify, set parameters and constantly optimize the test after several rounds of historical data testing, an automatic trading system was finally put into practice "to EURUSD, for example, the systems maximum number of levels of resistance is 15, that is, the first time you lose money betting, you still have 14 chances to flip, should be able to avoid most of the small probability events I used Europe and the United States 20 years of trading data testing, only twice in history more than 15 levels of position explosion "In general, in 3 to 4 levels when he has begun to profit, after the automatic closing or manual stop and then the opportunity to enter the next transaction, in individual cases 7 to 8 levels is already the limit" the overall idea is that ants gnawing at the bones, with a very large position to win each time a very small gain, the accumulation of small amounts of stable profits I only set a stop-win level or manual stop, not set a stop-loss level, because from a statistical point of view, only twice in history it is necessary to set a stop loss, so you can negligible" However, for the possibility of a unilateral trend of thousands of points and lead to the explosion of positions, he also made some corrections, such as the manual intervention of the trend positions, as well as the reverse double open positions and many other strategies "but my premise is automatic trading, the less human intervention the better, unless even a fool can see that the wrong direction "Zhu Xun invested $3,000, using more than 600 times the leverage, so that the total position available is more than 1.8 million U.S. dollars with 1.8 million U.S. dollars in the market to win 10, 20 U.S. dollars each time, he felt very solid, of course, according to the characteristics of the specific currency pairs, the parameters also need to be personalized, such as the euro against the dollar small swing range may have 300 points or so, but the same range of the U.S. dollar against the Canadian dollar has 400 ~ 500 points, obviously wider than the former, which is the need to consider and grind, the so-called details determine success or failure, foreign exchange traders performance is reflected in the details of "9 months of combat, account value added 150%, the number of manual intervention is very little," he mentioned In recent years, EA model trading is prevalent more and more mature traders will be their own trading behavior modular, programmed a good trading system, human operation, then subject to human weaknesses, trading time and many other factors, program trading, intelligent trading can circumvent the shortcomings of human trading for quantitative analysis model, trading behavior is based on computer analysis of price movements, rather than the human Zhu Xun said, as far as he knows, currently involved in foreign exchange trading retail investors have 40% of the use of EA, now the unprecedented wealth of foreign exchange trading tools and simple, as long as you give the trading software an operating idea, it will do their own coding (coding), and multi-platform interface, very fast and practical Now we Junya Finance and Xun Luo computer cooperation, has completed a variety of practical correction of the bias Write "Do foreign exchange should not be greedy, some people are bold, gambling heavy, like to chase the fierce, heavy bets, such people do the right direction wealth will be like a snowball quickly rolling bigger and bigger, or even doubling a day is not surprising, but once the wind goes back, almost 100% destined to lose their money I have seen too many such a big open mythical story" Zhu Xun said